About us

Company Motto

Gratitude, Humility and Perseverance

Management Philosophy

Even in a small scale, all members of the Yamato Group have a united effort to create cheerful and active corporate culture. We commit ourselves to always being enthusiastic about making reform efforts and have a challenging attitude on every task to establish the system of providing our customers with high-quality products at low prices.By building up a competitive corporation, we aim to improve the standards of living and live an affluent and happy life physically and spiritually. In addition, our goal is to develop the corporation that can contribute to the prosperity of society.


作詞 中村幹夫

作曲 元橋康男

相模の流れ 清らかに 若鮎はねる躍動が 明るい職場は みんなの笑顔

感謝の気持ちを大切に 創る人の輪 心の和 大和ケミカル 光りあれ

大山おろしの 身を切る風は ゆるむ心を引き締める どんなに辛い 嵐でも

耐えて見せます 根性で たゆまぬ努力が創り出す 大和ケミカル 堂々と

厚木の夜空を 彩る花火 荒ぶ心を なごませる 一度しかない人生を

幸せ信じて 夢求め 謙虚な姿で 共に行く 大和ケミカル 栄えあれ