Self-developed product, Laminate Protector


Steel protective fence strut or the like attached to expressway etc. will cause battery current and stray current due to the macro cell phenomenon occurring in contact with the concrete portion and corrosion will progress and eventually will not be able to withstand external forces.

This product "Laminate protector" is a protective product that prevents corrosion of metals by using a corrosion prevention structure laminated with a "polypropylene resin and elastomer resin protector" excellent in insulation and "unvulcanized pressure-sensitive adhesive butyl rubber sheet".

"Self-adhesive special insulating tape" is used for dust prevention and rainwater and other flooding prevention at the ground exposed part of the support column.


Structures hard to deform even after a long period of time

Can be used as insulated TAPE for signboard dropping double safety measures etc.

The laminate protector of Yamato Chemical fixes the corrosion prevention structure system laminated with the unvulcanized double-sided adhesive butyl rubber sheet on the inner surface of the resin protector.

Protection of the exposed surface of the system · Install a weather resistant rubber cap to prevent flooding of rainwater seawater etc. and install a rubber band to prevent prototype return.

Even in the case of strut hammering, a protector of about 2 mm thick on the outside of the tape, and further from the outside by preventive / preventive detachment of the system by the rubber band for tightening, scratches hardly occur with the rust preventive, and fix the protector Jigs are lightweight so you can easily fix them.

Laminate protector The guardrail support post installed It is possible to use it as an insulating material of the part where the different kind metal of the sign fall measures

Composition of lamination protector

The two sided sticking butyl rubber tape is composed of the rubber band to revent transformation of the protector by the nature middle temperature degree change in the ground outcrop of a laminate doing and the system after it fixes of the rubber cap (weather resistance rubber) to prevent rain water and Saltwater intrusion on proof inclination outside of the protector by the inside of the protector made of the resin.

Steel protective fence

Product Specifications

For guardrails

Part numberNRP-1NRP-2NRP-DNRP-H
TypeTape winding
Construction placeEach factory construction site
Product dimensions(mm)200×480200×390200×520200×185
Number used1sheet1sheet1sheet1sheet
MaterialElastomer + Butyl sheet

For signs

Part numberRPE-1RPE-2RPE-3RPE-4RPE-5RPE-6
Applicable steel material outside diameterφ264.7φ216.3φ190.7φ165.2φ139.8φ114.3

Tape winding

appearance black
Construction place

Each factory construction site

Product dimensions(mm)100×880100×720100×640100×560100×470100×390
Number used1sheet1sheet1sheet1sheet1sheet1sheet

Elastomer + Butyl sheet